Winter is a quiet time of year for the B&B as far as guests are concerned. However, the smallholding seems to be busy with one thing and another 365 days a year (at least that’s what Luke leads me to believe). We have finished lambing: our new shed has been fantastic, keeping the little ones out of the worst of the weather. The chickens now seem to prefer this as their accommodation, so collecting eggs, which used to be an easy task, has turned into a bit of a daily Easter egg hunt in various places… lambing pens, hay racks, hay loft and just the occasional one in the hen house. Luke has also been collecting eggs to go in the incubator, as we need a steady flow of hens to keep us stocked up on eggs for breakfast and baking. Spring has finally arrived in the valley – the primroses were really good this year and the bluebells are almost at their best. The lambs will definitely appreciate the warmth and sunshine, as they hate the wet and this winter we have had more than our fair share of wet weather. Soon it will be time to start thinking about arranging for the sheep to be sheared. We have Dorset sheep with a crazy fleece covering their eyes and fluffy legs just like big teddy bears. Luke also has a few Sussex they do look nice with their black faces and black legs. They seem to have bigger lambs so we will see how we get on with them.